I recently heard a marketing expert define a professional:

”A true professional KNOWS, DOES and DELIVERS RESULTS.”

I’ve always thought about it, and have ever since taken it to heart.

Our more than fifteen years’ experience in providing translations, interpreting and other foreign communication related services proves we KNOW (otherwise we wouldn’t have more than 300 active clients), DO (we have been translating ever since 2003) and DELIVER RESULTS (more than 10,000 translation and interpreting projects each year in more than 100 language combinations).


A majority of our translators have been educated in translation and interpreting. But sometimes the complexity of technical texts requires a translator with education in the required field. In this case, the combination of linguistic education and practical experience in translation is necessary.
All of our translators have proven experience with translations. When we decide to accept a fresh graduate into our team, all of his translations are checked over by experienced translator. Only after few months are they ready for individual translations.
Today translators need various software, e.g. CAT Tools, to successfully and efficiently carry out their work. Our company is No. 1 in providing training for this kind of software; and we regularly retrain our translators in using the CAT Tools.

What we DO

Our clients can choose from a broad spectrum of language solutions:

  • Translation
  • Interpreting
  • Copywriting
  • Subtitles
  • Transcription of foreign texts
  • and many more services

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    The numbers speak for themselves:

    16 years of experience
    300 active clients
    10 000 projects each year
    100 language combinations annually