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Are you struggling to find an accurate English to Slovak translation service? Look no further! Whether you need Slovak translation services for business, personal, or academic purposes, we've got you covered. Our standard unite price for English to Slovak translation starts from 0.06€ per source word.
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Hi, I am Katarina and I will be responsible for your Slovak translations.
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  • Experience: over 20 years
  • Speaking: Slovak, Czech, English, French, Russian

  • I am a part of team for more than 20 years so I know what is translation about. You will be given exact quote for your translation in several minutes, just call me or send me an email, SMS or Whatsapp. My average response time is less than 10 minutes. For your Slovak translations I will choose only experienced translators, Slovak native speakers, so you will be given high quality Slovak translation.

    Slovak translation


    Benefit from the impact of our English to Slovak translation services, enabling the seamless diffusion of your business's legacy at Slovak market. At, we're home to a dedicated team of proficient native Slovak linguists, sought after by businesses spanning the globe. Apart from facilitating translations from English to Slovak and vice versa, we underscore the significance of translations from Italian to Slovak, French to Slovak, and translations from German to Slovak. These linguistic pathways assume paramount importance due to the symbiotic relationship between the Slovak economy and these respective nations. Our English to Slovak translation services serve as the conduit, bridging language barriers and ensuring your business narrative remains cohesive and compelling. Beyond these focal linguistic avenues, our translation company orchestrates numerous projects annually, encompassing a multitude of language pairs seamlessly integrated with Slovak. Our commitment extends to crafting communications that transcend linguistic complexities. With our proficient English to Slovak translation services at your disposal, your business narrative reverberates with authenticity and resonance, fortifying its imprint across diverse cultural realms and underscoring the impact of global communication.
    English to Slovak translation


    Consider delving into the world of e-commerce in Slovakia – a venture worth exploring. When it comes to English to Slovak translation for e-commerce, stands as your invaluable ally. We recognize the initial challenges of translating and localizing your online store, and we're here to shoulder that burden. Leveraging our cutting-edge Dynamic Translation Quality Management, we combine the prowess of professional Human Translation, Machine Translation, and Post-editing of Machine Translation to yield an optimal return on investment for your translation and localization endeavours. In the realm of English to Slovak translation for e-commerce, we understand that driving Slovak traffic to your website is paramount. Our comprehensive approach extends to local marketing and SEO strategies, ensuring that you resonate effectively with your Slovak audience. If you're already a thriving global online merchant expanding into the Slovak market, you might have observed a discrepancy in conversion rates between domestic and international traffic. The root cause could lie in suboptimal localization components. Unlock the potential of the Slovak market with our comprehensive Slovak localization services. We go beyond translation; we fine-tune every facet of your content to align seamlessly with the Slovak culture, ensuring that your e-commerce venture achieves the success it deserves. At, we are your partners in navigating the realm of English to Slovak translation for e-commerce, propelling your brand's influence to new heights.
    English to Slovak translations for e-commerce


    Engaged in the realm of English to Slovak translation for marketing for over two decades, we proudly present our expertise in delivering advertising, PR, and marketing content tailored to your Slovak audience. Last couple of years we specialize on English to Slovak SEO translation, copywriting and transcreation. Our dedicated team of specialist Slovak translators holds the key to a seamless translation experience, ensuring your marketing messages resonate authentically. These in-country marketing translators possess an acute awareness of localisation nuances and cultural intricacies, guaranteeing that your message is received by the new audience with the same impact as the original audience. Our mission revolves around crafting marketing material that wields equal effectiveness in the target language as it does in its source language. The essence of your content remains intact, while linguistic and cultural adaptations are meticulously woven in. Our commitment to English to Slovak translation for marketing extends to Slovak transcreation services. Transcreation involves more than translation; it's a creative metamorphosis of copy in the target language. Our Slovak translators, who also excel as copywriters, specialize in the art of transcreation, ensuring your content flourishes in the Slovak market. In the domain of English to Slovak translation for marketing, we go the extra mile with a linguistic analysis of Slovak brand names. This intrinsic part of our marketing services ensures that your brand or slogan avoids misinterpretation and unforeseen cultural implications. At our core, we're not just translating words; we're molding messages that captivate the essence of your brand, sparking connections that transcend linguistic boundaries. With our expertise in English to Slovak translation for marketing, your message will resonate with your Slovak audience authentically and compellingly.
    English to Slovak SEO translation, copywriting and transcreation

    SLOVAK MEDICAL TRANSLATION SERVICES: Bridging Language Gaps in Healthcare

    Accurate and reliable communication is paramount in the field of healthcare, and this is where Slovak medical translation services come into play. These specialized services are essential for ensuring that medical information, documents, and patient records are effectively translated from English to Slovak, and vice versa, while maintaining precision and adherence to medical terminology.
    Healthcare professionals, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies often require Slovak medical translation services to navigate the linguistic complexities of the medical world. From translating clinical trial documentation and medical reports to patient information leaflets and pharmaceutical labels, the need for accurate medical translations is ever-present.
    One of the primary challenges in Slovak medical translation is the need for linguistic experts who possess not only fluency in both languages but also a deep understanding of medical terminology and concepts. The slightest error in translation can have serious consequences in a healthcare context, potentially leading to misunderstandings, misdiagnoses, or even patient harm.
    Moreover, Slovak medical translation services extend beyond mere language conversion. They also consider the cultural nuances and regional variations that may impact the way medical information is received and understood by Slovak-speaking patients and healthcare providers. This cultural sensitivity ensures that translations are not only accurate but also contextually appropriate.
    In a globalized world where medical research, clinical trials, and healthcare information flow seamlessly across borders, the demand for precise Slovak medical translation services continues to grow. Whether it's the translation of medical journals, drug information, or patient records, these services are instrumental in bridging language gaps and facilitating effective communication within the healthcare industry.
    In conclusion, Slovak medical translation services play a vital role in ensuring that accurate and culturally sensitive medical information is accessible to both healthcare professionals and patients. By facilitating clear and precise communication in the medical field, these services contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare outcomes and the dissemination of medical knowledge.
    Slovak medical translation services


    Slovak sworn translators and interpreters are kept in the Register of Experts, Interpreters and Translators by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. They are eligible to translate documents for official purposes. We cooperate with them to be able to offer to our clients guarantee of high quality and reduce to a minimum both the time needed to complete translation project as well as to minimise the cost of official translation. Examples of officially translated documents include birth and marriage certificate, divorce and academic certificates, school and work transcripts, medical reports, regulatory documents, contracts, power of attorney, etc.
    Slovak certified translation


    Slovak voiceover services are becoming increasingly essential in today's globalized digital landscape, catering to a diverse range of industries from entertainment and marketing to corporate training and e-learning. These services provide a vital link for businesses and content creators looking to connect with Slovak-speaking audiences, ensuring that their messages are delivered effectively and resonate with the local culture. Professional Slovak voiceover services offer a wide array of talents, including male and female voices of various ages and styles, enabling the customization of audio content to suit specific project requirements. Whether it's for commercials, animated characters, instructional videos, or documentaries, these services ensure high-quality, engaging, and culturally relevant voiceovers that enhance the audience's experience. Furthermore, Slovak voiceover services are crucial for companies aiming to expand their reach within Slovakia or to Slovak-speaking populations globally. By localizing content through skilled voiceovers, businesses can significantly improve their engagement rates, brand recognition, and customer loyalty. In an era where multimedia content dominates, investing in professional Slovak voiceover services is a strategic move for any entity looking to thrive in the Slovak market or connect with Slovak-speaking audiences worldwide.
    Slovak voiceover service


    English to Slovak machine translator

    What is the best English to Slovak translator?

    Addressing the query of determining the best English to Slovak translator app isn't a straightforward task, given that the present digital age allows every internet user to access free online translation services. Historically, Google Translate held the title of the most prominent translator application. However, a significant number of users inclined towards Microsoft Translator. In the current landscape, numerous machine translation (MT) engines support Slovak language translation, including Amazon Translate, Yandex, Google Translate, Microsoft Custom Translator, DeepL, Globalese Document Translation, Google AutoML, PROMT, RWS Language Weaver, and others. Their translation quality varies based on the language pair and the specific context of the text.
    In the realm of generic MT engines, three primary contenders dominate: DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft Translator. Among these, DeepL and Google Translate exhibit exceptional performance, especially in swiftly comprehending the essence of the text, a practice often referred to as "gisting." However, when aiming to publish translated content, an additional layer is crucial: Post-Editing of MT. This step ensures the accuracy, style, and context of the translation meet the desired standards for public consumption.
    However still, the best quality English to Slovak translation you can trust can be provided by experienced professional translator – Human Translation.

    Is there a better translation app than Google Translate for English to Slovak language pair?

    Although English to Slovak Google translation provided by Google Translate has been the best free translation solution for many years, currently there are many English to Slovak translator apps. Among these, DeepL and Google Translate exhibit exceptional performance.

    ACCURATE SLOVAK TRANSLATORS AND SLOVAK INTERPRETERES specializes in providing professional Slovak translation services, pivotal for enhancing your business operations within Central Europe. Our localization team leverages the expertise of skilled Slovak translators and interpreters, both locally and internationally. We excel in translating an array of materials, including technical manuals, websites, marketing content, and official documents. Our commitment to linguistic accuracy and cultural nuance ensures that your messages resonate seamlessly with your target audience. Whether you require precise translation or effective interpretation, our dedicated Slovak translators and interpreters stand ready to facilitate your communication needs. Join us in bridging language barriers and expanding your business reach with the assistance of our proficient language experts.

    Slovak to / from Czech translation

    Is Slovak similar to Czech? Slovak language and Czech language are two independent languages however there are dialectic similarities between Slovak and Czech. The languages are considered mutually intelligible, as a result of their shared origin and were used together in former Czechoslovakia, which was peacefully divided at the beginning of 1993. Today citicens of both countries can easily understand each other however the young generations can have some problems, especially Czech young people, to grasp all meanings of Slovak language because although both countries are closely cooperating, they have their own development not only in business but also in culture. Therefore we would strongly recommend to translate all the content for Slovak market into Slovak language, especially if you consider very competitive price for Czech to Slovak translation.


    Slovak is the official language of Slovakia, a landlocked country in Central Europe. Slovak is a West Slavic language, belonging to the broader Indo-European language family. It shares its origins and linguistic characteristics with other Slavic languages like Czech, Polish, and Sorbian. It is also recognized as a minority language in several neighbouring countries due to historical and cultural ties. Grammar and Syntax: Slovak grammar is characterized by a complex system of declensions and conjugations. Nouns, adjectives, and pronouns change their forms according to grammatical case, number, and gender. Verbs are conjugated based on tense, mood, aspect, and person. Vocabulary and Influences: Slovak vocabulary is primarily of Slavic origin, but it has also been influenced by other languages due to historical interactions. There are also loanwords from German, Hungarian, Latin, and more recently, English.

    What does Slovak mean?

    "Slovak" refers to something or someone from Slovakia, which is a country located in Central Europe. It can be used as an adjective to describe things related to Slovakia, its culture, language, or people. Additionally, "Slovak" can also refer to the Slovak language spoken in Slovakia. In Slovak language a word „slovo“ which has common root with word Slovak means „word“. Slovo = word. The name "Slovak" is documented in writing from the second half of the 14th century. It originated in West Slavic languages, in which the suffix -ák (-iak) began to be used at that time in the formation of names of residents. In West Slavic languages since the 15th century, the form "Slovak" means "Slav", i.e. j. denotes a member of any Slavic tribe, including one that is designated by a special tribal name (Serb, Czech, etc.), and one whose ethnic name remained or became the name of Slavs in general (Slovenes, Slovakia, ...). Slovaks themselves used the name Slovak also in the meaning "Slavic". At the same time, a certain fixation of the names Slovak and Slav can be observed. For example Jan Blahoslav in his grammar from 1571 already uses the name Slovak to denote the Slovaks, the then Slavic inhabitants of Upper Hungary to the east of Moravia. However, he realizes that the name Slovak and the adjective Slovak also have a wider meaning. (Source: )

    Slovak as an official language

    Slovak is the official language of Slovakia, Vojvodina and since 1st May 2004 it has been one of the languages of the European Union. Language Code for Slovak language is SK or SLK according to ISO 639. Slovak is known as the "Esperanto" of Slavic languages and is perceived as the most understandable for users of other Slavic languages. In view of the wide comprehensibility of Slovak, the Czech legal system allows to use Slovak, unlike other minority languages, without a translator or interpreter in legal and official acts. The number of Slovak words working or used at least once in the written texts of contemporary Slovak in the Slovak National Corpus can be estimated at more than 3 million. Slovak is notoriously difficult to grasp thanks to its complicated syntax, usage of vowels and gender rules. These are just some of the reasons why Slovak translation is essential for those seeking to do business in the central Europe. There are three distinct dialects of Slovak, with the primary form of the language originating in the centre of the country, and the eastern and western forms bearing some resemblance to Slovak and Czech, respectively.

    Where can you hear Slovak language?

    Slovak, a language primarily rooted in Slovakia, reverberates far beyond its national boundaries. While its heartland remains in Slovakia, this linguistic treasure has transcended borders, establishing a presence in various immigrant communities across neighbouring lands and distant shores. Notably, Slovak has found its place in the tapestry of cultures in Hungary, Montenegro, Ukraine, and Poland, forming bridges of communication between diverse societies. However, the echo of Slovak isn't confined to Europe's embrace alone. Its resonance extends across oceans and continents, where the language's threads are woven into the fabric of communities. In the United States, Ireland, Argentina, and Australia, the cadence of Slovak voices can be heard, a testament to the enduring connections forged by migration and shared heritage. The reach of Slovak illuminates the beauty of cultural exchange, proving that language is an intrepid explorer, crossing borders and generations to unite people in the shared embrace of communication.

    What language is closest to Slovak?

    The language closest to Slovak is Czech. Both Slovak and Czech belong to the West Slavic language group and have a shared history and geographical proximity. In essence, the bond between Slovak and Czech goes beyond language; it reflects the interconnectedness of two closely related nations with a shared history, culture, and a linguistic affinity that endures to this day. The linguistic ties have been strengthened by the historical context of Czechoslovakia, a country where Czech and Slovak people coexisted. Even after the peaceful dissolution of Czechoslovakia into two separate nations, the cultural and historical connections between the Czech Republic and Slovakia remain strong. The close relationship between Slovak and Czech isn't limited to linguistics. The two nations share a rich cultural heritage, with intertwined traditions, literature, and historical events. The fact that Czech and Slovak people lived together in one country for a long time has left a lasting impact on their linguistic and cultural similarities. A notable aspect of this connection is the media influence. Many Slovak people regularly watch Czech TV channels, which exposes them to the Czech language and culture while Czech people do not watch too much Slovak TV. As a result, younger generations of Slovaks often have a better understanding of Czech than Czech to Slovak. Although the mutual intelligibility remains relatively high due to the shared linguistic roots the importance of localization of the content is important step for businesses entering the Slovak market.

    Do Slovak people speak English?

    Yes, many Slovak citizens do speak English, especially the younger generations and those living in urban areas or involved in international business and tourism. English is taught as a foreign language in schools, and its proficiency has been increasing over the years. In larger cities and tourist destinations, you're more likely to find people who are comfortable speaking English. However, the level of English proficiency can vary from person to person. While younger Slovaks often have a good grasp of English, older generations might have limited proficiency. Although many Slovak people understand English, importance of localization of the content is important step for companies entering the Slovak market.

    Basic English to Slovak phrasebook

    Here are English to Slovak 50 basic phrases:
  • English phrase – Slovak translation
  • How can I help you? - Ako vám môžem pomôcť?
  • Where are you from? - Odkiaľ ste?
  • What do you do? - Čo robíte?
  • I'm sorry, I don't know. - Prepáčte, neviem.
  • Can you repeat that, please? - Môžete to zopakovať, prosím?
  • Nice to meet you - Teší ma
  • Excuse me, where's the nearest ATM? - Prepáčte, kde je najbližší bankomat?
  • Do you speak English? - Hovoríte po anglicky?
  • I'm lost, can you help me find my way? - Stratil som sa, môžete mi pomôcť nájsť cestu?
  • Could you write that down for me? - Môžete mi to napísať?
  • What's the weather like today? - Aké je dnes počasie?
  • What's your favorite food? - Aké je vaše obľúbené jedlo?
  • How was your day? - Ako ste sa mali dnes?
  • Can you show me on the map? - Môžete mi to ukázať na mape?
  • I need help - Potrebujem pomoc
  • It's delicious - Je to vynikajúce
  • It's too expensive - Je to príliš drahé
  • Can I have a glass of water? - Môžem dostať pohár vody?
  • Where can I find a pharmacy? - Kde môžem nájsť lekáreň?
  • I'm not feeling well - Necítim sa dobre
  • What's the WiFi password? - Aké je heslo na WiFi?
  • What's your phone number? - Aké je vaše telefónne číslo?
  • I'm here on vacation - Som tu na dovolenke
  • Can you recommend a good restaurant? - Môžete odporučiť dobrú reštauráciu?
  • How do you say... in Slovak? - Ako sa hovorí... po slovensky?
  • I'm allergic to... - Som alergický na...
  • Can we take a photo together? - Môžeme si dať spoločnú fotku?
  • What's your favorite place in this city? - Aké je vaše obľúbené miesto v tomto meste?
  • Is there a bus stop nearby? - Je tu v blízkosti autobusová zastávka?
  • What's the best way to get to the airport? - Aký je najlepší spôsob, ako sa dostať na letisko?
  • I'm here for business - Som tu pracovne
  • I'm here with my family - Som tu s rodinou
  • Where can I buy souvenirs? - Kde môžem kúpiť suveníry?
  • Can you speak slower, please? - Môžete hovoriť pomalšie, prosím?
  • What's the nearest subway station? - Aká je najbližšia stanica metra?
  • What time does the museum open? - O koľkej otvára múzeum?
  • Can you show me the way to the hotel? - Môžete mi ukázať cestu k hotelu?
  • I need a taxi - Potrebujem taxi
  • Is there a public restroom here? - Je tu verejná toaleta?
  • What's your favorite movie? - Aký je váš obľúbený film?
  • How long are you staying? - Ako dlho ostanete?
  • I don't speak Slovak very well - Nemám veľmi dobrú znalosť slovenčiny
  • Can you recommend any local attractions? - Môžete odporučiť nejaké miestne atrakcie?
  • What's the cost of a ticket? - Koľko stojí lístok?
  • Can I pay with credit card? - Môžem platiť kreditnou kartou?
  • Is there a bank around here? - Je tu nejaká banka v okolí?
  • Could you give me directions to the nearest supermarket? - Môžete mi dať smer na najbližší supermarket?
  • I'm enjoying my time here - Užívam si tu čas
  • What's the schedule for tomorrow? - Aký je plán na zajtra?
  • I'll have the same as him/her - Dám si to isté ako on/ona


    English to Slovak basic Dictionary

    Here are the Slovak translations for the several important English words for tourists:
  • adventure - dobrodružstvo
  • airport - letisko
  • arrival - prílet
  • backpack - ruksak
  • baggage - batožina
  • beach - pláž
  • boat - loď
  • bus - autobus
  • buy - kúpiť
  • camera - fotoaparát
  • car - auto
  • city - mesto
  • cruise - plavba
  • currency - mena
  • departure - odlet
  • direction - smer
  • eat - jesť
  • entrance - vstup
  • exit - východ
  • explore - preskúmať
  • food - jedlo
  • guide - sprievodca
  • hike – turistická trasa
  • hotel - hotel
  • island - ostrov
  • journey - cesta
  • kayak - kajak
  • map - mapa
  • money - peniaze
  • mountain - hora
  • museum - múzeum
  • park - park
  • passport - pas
  • relax - relaxovať
  • restaurant - reštaurácia
  • room - izba
  • sightseeing - pamiatky
  • swim - plávať
  • taxi - taxi
  • tent - stan
  • ticket - lístok
  • tour - okruh
  • trail - trasa
  • train - vlak
  • travel - cestovať
  • vacation - dovolenka
  • view - výhľad
  • visa - vízum
  • wait - čakať
  • walk - ísť pešo
  • water - voda


    What are an example of English to Slovak name translation?

  • Anna – Anna, Hana
  • Barbara - Barbora
  • Betty - Alžbeta
  • Carol - Karolína
  • Katherine and Catherine - Katarína
  • Daniel - Daniel
  • David - Dávid
  • Helen - Helena
  • James - Jakub
  • Jane - Jana
  • John - Ján
  • Linda - Linda
  • Mary - Mária
  • Michael - Michal
  • Patricia - Patrícia
  • Robert - Róbert
  • Sandra - Sandra
  • Sarah - Sára
  • Susan - Zuzana
  • William - Viliam


    English-Slovak dictionary book

    Before the spread of internet and especially before Google Translator era, most of the translator used English-Slovak dictionary book. Although there are still people using old fashioned English-Slovak dictionary book we believe there is no need to spend time by searching in the printed dictionary. If you need good Slovak dictionary app you should try Lingea. However if you really need English-Slovak dictionary book, we recommend this English-Slovak and Slovak-English dictionary contains approximately 100,000 vocabulary entries of a rich vocabulary of common social communication and many terms from various scientific fields. However, no dictionary will replace experienced Slovak translators. If you need reliable Slovak translation, try to use service.