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Hi, I am Katarina and I will be responsible for your Czech translations.

  • Position: Project Manager - Translator
  • Experience: over 16 years
  • Speaking: Czech, Slovak, English, French, Russian

  • I am a part of ASAP-translation.com team for more than 16 years so I know what is translation about. You will be given exact quote for your translation in several minutes, just call me or send me an email, SMS or Whatsapp. My average response time is less than 10 minutes. For your Czech translations I will choose only experienced translators, Czech native speakers, so you will be given high quality Czech translation.

    Best Czech translators

    English to Czech translation

    Thanks to our English to Czech translation services, you can successfully spread the legacy of your business across Europe. ASAP-translation.com has a team of experienced native Czech linguists whose services are used by businesses around the world. In addition to translations from English to Czech and vice versa, the most important part is translations from Italian to Czech, from Spanish to Czech, French to Czech and translations from German to Czech. This is due to the interconnection of the Czech economy to these countries. However, our translation company every year manages translation projects in dozens of language pairs in combination with Czech language.

    Accurate Czech Translators and Interpreters

    ASAP-translation.com offers comprehensive professional Czech translation services that help your business influence its operations in Central Europe. Our team helps communicate using excellent translators and interpreters in Czech Republic and abroad. We perform translations of technical manuals, websites, marketing materials and official documents.

    How many words per day can you translate from/to Czech language?

    ASAP-translation.com translates 20 pages of documents to/from Czech language per day. Each of our professional Czech translators do 2500 words per day as an average. However, if you need to translate more documents in short period of time, ASAP-translation.com has a solution for you. We can split the documents between two or more translators. They share Translation Memory so they can keep terminological consistency of the documents.

    Official language in Czech Republic language

    Czech is the official language of Czech Republic. Czech is the West Slavic language most closely related to Slovak, then Polish and Upper Serbian. It belongs to Slavic languages, a family of Indo-European languages. About 12 million people speak Czech, of which more than 10 million in the Czech Republic. Tens of thousands of immigrants and their descendants have spoken in Czech as a result of several migratory waves over the past 150 years, especially in the USA, Canada, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Australia, Ukraine and other countries. Literary Czech is very mutually comprehensible with standard Slovak (less with Polish or Lusatian Serbian), although some dialects are difficult to understand (e.g. Eastern Slovak dialects for Czechs). The younger generation of Czechs, who grew up after the break-up of Czecho-Slovakia in 1993 and did not often come into contact with Slovak, has difficulties in understanding some Slovak words and expressions.

    Czech translations for e-shops

    Selling online in Czech Republic is worth considering. ASAP-translation.com will help you overcome the initial burden of translating and localizing your online store. We can deploy Dynamic Translation Management and by combination of professional Human Translation, Machine Translation and Post-editing of Machine Translation to maximise effectivity of ROI for translation and localization. To drive Czech traffic to your website, local marketing & SEO will help you get it right. If you’re a successful global online merchant already exporting to Czech Republic, you may have noticed that your Czech, and your international traffic in general, converts at a much lower conversion rate than your domestic traffic. The possible reason is, that many of the components of localization have not been optimized. Try to use our complex Czech localization services to be successful on Czech market!

    Czech sworn translators

    Czech sworn translators and interpreters are kept in the Register of Experts, Interpreters and Translators by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. They are eligible to translate documents for official purposes. We cooperate with them to be able to offer to our clients guarantee of high quality and reduce to a minimum both the time needed to complete translation project as well as to minimise the cost of official translation. Examples of officially translated documents include birth and marriage certificate, divorce and academic certificates, school and work transcripts, medical reports, regulatory documents, contracts, power of attorney, etc.

    Czech translation of marketing content and transcreation

    For more than 15 years we offer to our client’s Czech translation of advertising, PR and marketing material translated by our specialist Czech translators who provide a faithful translation of the marketing content. They are in-country marketing translators and always take into account localisation and cultural factors, to deliver message to new audience as it was to its original audience. Our goal is preparing marketing material that’s as effective in the target language as it is in the original language. We also offer Czech transcreation of advertising, PR and marketing material. It is the creative adaption of copy in the target language. Original text is completely re-written in a foreign language. We use our Czech translators / copywriters specialising in transcreation. Czech brand name linguistic analysis has become part of our marketing services for many years. Brand names could have unexpected cultural connotations, so we take care your brand or slogan will not be misinterpreted.

    Czech to English translation

    If you want to translate something from Czech to English, the task may look very simple. As English is one of the most widely used languages in the world, translations from / into this language are also the most popular in our country. If the client decides to use automated translation, he should keep in mind that the system may not know the phraseology and common phrases. Czech is one of the West Slavic languages with a long historical development. If the client wants to translate any text from Czech to English, whether it is a professional, formal or informal document, we will provide him with quality, reliable and fast services at ASAP-translation.com. We can translate texts from Czech to English for our customers in all areas, such as the translation of medical texts, user manuals, marketing texts, but also the translation of fiction. We will provide you with professional translations in the field of technology, law, we can translate websites or entire e-shops. In addition, we provide services for locating advertising campaigns on the Internet and optimizing the site for searching in a foreign language. So if you want to translate any document from Czech to English, you are in the right place. Compared to automated translation, our clients have a guarantee of quality translation while maintaining confidentiality. Web translators are fast, but unreliable. If you want to translate sensitive documents from Czech to English, do not use freely available translators. When you enter text in the translator text box, the text is automatically stored in system memory so that the data can be misused. In addition to quality translation, we can guarantee that none of your data will ever be misused. We use encrypted cloud storage, so your data will be safe with us. Despite the fact that the translation of texts in English accounts for a significant share of all translations, we currently provide translations in more than 100 language combinations.

    English to Czech translation

    Translations from Czech to English and from English to Czech are one of the most common language combinations that customers at ASAP-translation.com want. As English is one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet, spoken by almost the whole world, it is important that only professionals whose knowledge of English-to-Czech translation should reach the level of a native speaker are involved in its translation. If you want to use Internet translators, such as Google Translate, to translate official documents, you should keep in mind that translating from English to Czech will never be perfect. It should also be borne in mind that all words that artificial intelligence records in the translator's text field are automatically stored in its memory. Therefore, this method of translation is not suitable for translating documents with sensitive data. Machine translation from English to Czech will never be able to be replaced by a professional translator. Official translations of texts from English to Czech and from Czech into English can be a problem if you do not translate sentences in a broader context. The problem can also occur when translating phrases or established phrases. Experienced translators with whom we work can easily deal with the correct arrangement of words in the text or the formulation of meaningful sentences. At ASAP-translation.com, we offer you high-quality, convenient and, above all, fast translations from English to Czech language, whether you need to translate official documents, informal documents or the web. Quality, accuracy, speed and expertise are the advantages that most characterize ASAP-translation.com. Proof of this are the projects we have carried out so far in almost 100 language combinations. If you want a quality translation from English to Czech or into any other language, order it on our website or use the free language advice.

    Czech to / from Slovak translation

    Is Czech similar to Slovak? Czech language and Slovak language are two independent languages however there are dialectic similarities between Czech and Slovak. The languages are considered mutually intelligible, as a result of their shared origin and were used together in former Czechoslovakia, which was peacefully divided at the start of 1993. Today citicens of both countries can easily understand each other however the young generations can have som problems, especially Czech young people, to grasp all meanings of Slovak language, because although bothc countries are closly cooperationg, they have their own development not only in business but also in culture. Therefore we would strongly recommend to translate all the content for Czech market into Czech language, especially if you consider very competitive price for Slovak to Czech translation.

    Google translate English to Czech

    Google Translate English to Czech translation is frequently used by internet users and non-professional translators. This is because it can help you understand the article's essential topic. However, you cannot rely on machine translation in case of text of high importance, like translating documents or translating marketing materials or text that will be printed.

    Where you can hear Czech language?

    Czech is spoken mainly in Czech Republic, but the Czech language is used in many immigrant communities in neighboring countries and overseas. You can speak Czech in some parts of Slovakia and Poland, but also in the USA, Ireland, Argentina and Australia.