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FAQ about translation

It is easy to order translation with! Fill in our inquiry form on the left, or use email, Skype, Whatsapp or simply use 24/7 phone customer support. We will only need information about the target language of the translation.
You do not need to count the words for translation. We will count the number of the words, you only need to tell us, which part of the document should be translated.
You do not need to count the words for translation. We will count the number of the words, you only need to tell us, which part of the document should be translated.

Why You Need Professional Translations?

Naturally, and your business does business in foreign markets, you probably need translation services. There are thousands of translators and translation offices and translation agencies on the market. Knowing them is not easy for the customer. You can find a Freelancer translator or choose a translation agency, but if you have no experience with them, you have no way of knowing whether they are translating professionals, or just a linguistically competent individual who translates into a translation. The only way to minimize the risk of poor translation is to choose a professional translation service provider. We adhere to the definition that a professional is one who KNOWS, DOES, and ACHIEVES RESULTS. ASAP-translation has been built for years by professionals who have studied translation most often at university and have been living for several years, so we meet the first condition without any problems. We can support the condition of being able to provide you with professional-quality translations for more than 16 years of experience in the field of translation. More than 10,000 translation projects a year in more than 100 language combinations guarantee the results. Based on these facts, we believe that we provide professional translation services. Using them you will get:
  • Above the translations, there will be no errors that can mean not only a loss of reputation but also a direct financial loss
  • You will be sure that your texts are translated by trained linguists
  • You will be assured that your translations will be done by translators who are not only familiar with the language of the case, but also have experience in translating in that specific field
  • Get translations that perform their role. does not translate words, but we translate meaning, thought and always look at the purpose of translation. When translating a marketing text, it will be designed to work not only naturally in the target language, but also to be engaging and attractive to the reader. When translating a technical text, it must first of all be factually flawless and easy to understand
  • You can be sure that your translations will always be translated on time
  • You always get transparent conditions without hidden prices and fees, when ordering translations from, you know in advance when, how much and how the translation will be performed
  • When ordering translations from us, you will be sure that the information from your texts will not get into the hands of unauthorized persons and their confidentiality will always be guaranteed

  • Professional Translation Services for Any Industry

    Translations for Travel and Tourism

    With increasing number of travellers and destinations travel is becoming more accessible and tourism professionals need to communicate effectively in several languages. If you want to attract foreign tourists to your region, city, area, hotel or guesthouse, make sure the translation of your website is perfect quality. But tourism includes many services that are used by thousands of people every day. This area is wide and therefore we offer translations of documents of various character.
  • Brochures
  • Sales leaflets
  • Guides
  • Websites
  • Reports
  • Guided tours
  • Information bulletins
  • Audio tours
  • Contracts, terms and conditions of sale
  • For your translations in the travel/tourism industry, carefully selects translators who are native speakers, qualified in translation and experts in their field. When you delegate your translations to native-speaking translators who are experts in the tourism industry, company guarantees that your message will be publicised effectively and specifically for the intended audience.

    Translations for Finance and Banking

    While accuracy is absolutely vital in any translation or localization project, because of regulatory complexities, finance and banking work requires extra attention to detail. We can help you with translation of documents like:
  • Asset Management Translation and Localization
  • Commercial Banking Translation and Localization
  • Investment Banking Industry Translation
  • Insurance Industry Translation

  • Legal Translations

    Legal translation is a translation of documents governing legal relations. Legal translation, like any other type of translation work, is the replacement of the source language with the target language. However, legal translation is different because laws and legal systems are different. It includes the translation of the legal documents needed to put the different types of international relations into practice, as well as the translation of the legal texts for the purpose of exchanging legal information between entities from different countries. Types of legal translation:
  • translation of contracts and agreements, lease agreements, labour contracts etc.
  • translation of establishment documents and legalization of documents,
  • translation of legislation acts
  • translation of court documents,
  • translation of powers of attorney, certificates and other types of legal documents.

  • Translations for Information and Communication Technology

    Translation of IT texts requires a high level of knowledge of the topic and mastery of ICT terminology. It is a sector characterized by growth and rapid development. A properly translated article, instructions on whether a website can be the difference that decides whether you will be one step ahead of the competition or will be left behind. Thanks to professional translation you are guaranteed accurate and fast translation of ICT texts at an affordable price. We will use our translators who specialize in translation of ICT documents. They are experienced translators who have a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the ICT industry so you can count on us.

    Website translation services

    Website translation is the most cost-effective way to reach global consumers and expand your sales abroad. Currently, less than 30% of global Internet users speak English. If you only have your website in English, this means that you voluntarily give up the opportunity to reach 70% of the world's consumers. provides comprehensive website translation and localization services in more than 100 language combinations: We can offer translation services for online retailers, e-shops and web applications in the field of website translation. We also offer foreign language services to support your company online abroad, such as transcreation, multilingual content creation and multilingual SEO. For more than 16 years has been helping to successfully locate website content and break down language barriers.

    Translations for Life Science and Medical Translations

    Pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, medical and surgical instrument manufacturers, biotechnology companies and healthcare managers have begun to rely on to translate their most sensitive documents.

    The Translation Company You Need

    If you are looking for accurate, professional translation services, efficient localization, you are on the right page. If you use our specialized translators you can expect only a first-class translation. is a professional translation agency that offers high quality global translation services at the best prices. We carefully select our linguists specializing in different languages and different fields. Whether it is a 5-word or 500-page translation, our project managers will always provide you with first-class translators who can handle your translation not only in high quality but also on time. Our clients are our top priority and therefore our team understands their different needs.

    Our Professional Translation Services is a leading provider of document translation services for small and medium-sized businesses thanks to our industry-leading customer support and convenient online ordering system. Companies chose for their document translation needs because they demand superior quality, fast turnover and great value.

    Trusted by the Leading Companies and LSPs

    Our translation services are trusted by reputable companies such as Heineken and Emerson, but we are also recognized by the quality of our translations by global leading LSPs who like to use us as subcontractors for translations in language combinations with the languages of Central and Eastern Europe.

    We Respond Within 15 Minutes, 24/7

    We are also very popular with our customers thanks to the fast response time as well as the support we provide 24/7 on our hotline.

    Our Network of 2,000 International Linguists

    We provide our translation services thanks to our internal project managers and translators, but we also use the services of certified external translators with more than 2000 in our database.

    ASAP - One of the the Fastest Translation Company

    When implementing translations we use the latest procedures and software to ensure high quality of translations in record short delivery times. Translators are specialists behind our work, but without modern tools with translation memory, terminology databases, but also with the help of machine translation, we would not be one of the fastest suppliers of translations. However, we never promise customers something we cannot keep to what our company name bears witness.

    Steps for Translation Quality Control

    The project manager always prepares the translation project carefully and receives the necessary information from the customer to meet the customer's requirements. The PM determines the deadline, the purpose of using the translation, the availability of terminology and any existing translations. On the basis of the information we select a suitable translator and proofreader for the given language and field. The project manager chooses the appropriate translation procedure that best suits the purpose of the translation. Otherwise, official translations, technical translations or translations of marketing materials are treated. The PM will produce a brief and clear list of translator instructions. The PM actively communicates with the translator and the customer during the project to avoid any misunderstandings. Each project must contain a specific glossary and translation memories. THIS will ensure consistency in terminology even if multiple translators simultaneously translate. Before submitting a translation, Pm always runs an automated quality control that detects any minor errors that may have been caused by the translator or proofreader's inattention.

    Reasonable Prices for Translation Services

    Despite the fact that we use high quality specialists for our services, we are able to keep the price of our services at an excellent price-quality ratio thanks to automated workflows. Due to the fact that project management is carried out in the countries of Central Europe, the cost of our translations is incomparably lower than in Western Europe or the USA. However, our translation services are not lagging behind concerning quality.