Online photography course localization | ASAP


Services: Transcription, translation, subtitling, automatic English voiceover
Number of languages: 1
Type of text: Tutorial videos to online photography course
Delivery term: 19 days
Amount: 61,250 words
Team: 1 project manager, 2 translators, 1 editor, 1 reviewer

Transription, translation, subtitles and English voiceover were made for the instructional video.

In order to meet the deadline, the role of the subtitles was divided between two translators - proven high-quality linguists. Using the captioning app, they translated the texts into English and synchronize with video. We helped them by automated transcription using the Speech to Text application. The subtitles were thoroughly checked by a native British - spelling, grammar, style, terminology and accuracy. The revised subtitles have been re-checked by the translators to avoid misinterpretation, misspellings and timing. Captions have been reviewed and graphically set to suit the best specific video background. With the automated text-to-speech application, we created a voice recording that is more compelling to the target audience than the headlines themselves. The final voice output contained the original background audio.



He is a successful Czech photographer who, in addition to his main activity, provides training in which he presents best artistic and technical practices for wildlife photography with an Olympus camera.
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