Localization of product labels into 36 langueages


Services: translation incl. editing by project manager
Number of languages: 36
Type of text: product label for boiler
Delivery term: 7 days
Amount: 3,096 words
Team: 1 project manager, 36 translators

Translation of the product label, which is attached with the text in a particular language to each boiler produced and exported.

We have assigned a translation task to our proven native in-country speakers. We made use of existing translation memories and glossaries to keep the consistency. Afterwards, we checked completenss and incorporated all languages into a final file.

Armenian, Croatian, Macedonian, Russian, Romanian, Czech, Uzbek, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Azerbaijani, Latvian, Albanian, Turkmen, Georgian, Hungarian, Estonian, Portuguese, Serbian, French, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak, Turkish, German, Lithuanian, Spanish, Kazakh, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Slovenian, Finnish, Arabic, Italian

They are major Slovak heating boiler manufacturer exporting to over 30 countries.

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