It is said that video today dominates the world of the Internet. Young people do not like reading the manuals and articles. They would rather have the "youtubers" they trust. As a result, the video can reach thousands or even millions of potential customers today. No matter how good your video is, it will only receive millions of viewership if it speaks a language that people who watch. For this reason, there is more than ¼ of the Internet content in English.

So how to address the wider masses of people, but keep your native language community as its main target group?

One solution is foreign captions. But let's be realists. With an unimaginable number of videos from each region at the same time, the viewer prefers a video that is spoken in a language they understand. However, the use of professional voice actors (and especially if we need a native English speaking actor) and a studio in which the voiceover needs to be recorded and then edited will increase the cost of localization several times. For this reason, we are offering a unique solution for automated voiceover. For its creation we use the state-of-the-art text-to-speech. The latest technologies have perfected the robotic voice so much that it is almost indistinguishable from the voice actor. The video is easy to understand and adds subtitles to bring the viewer comfort they require. Most importantly, the cost of the video processed in this way is little higher than the caption translation.

Our services used for example. also a Czech professional photographer with several awards, Peter Bambousek, who created a unique photography course. You can preview it at >>>right>>>.

automatizovaný dabing

For the photography course of P. Bambousek we delivered:

  • Transcription - transcribing text from a video
  • Translation - translation into English language
  • Captions synchronization - timing and editing of subtitles
  • Automated voice over - generate an English audio track and mix it with the original audio
  • If you are interested in our video content localization offer, please feel free to contact us. We will certainly find a solution for your projects.

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    In addition to the sound quality you wish to record, you can also choose a sound actor according to the current menu. Another important information is the input and output format. We can provide either a "raw" sound recording or a "turnkey" delivery, which also includes postproduction, ie editing the sound and possibly processing the soundtrack for the supplied video.

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