Jakub Absolon has successfully defended his PhD project.


We have a new great achievement in our ASAP-translation.com team. Jakub Absolon has successfully defended his demanding PhD project on which he has intensively worked since 2017 with his doctorate advisor Associate Professor Daša Munková, PhD. They were dealing with an actual and difficult topic: Post-Editing of Machine Translation. Jakub has served twice as a president of the Association of Translation Companies of Slovakia (ATCSK) which only proves his expertise in this field. We believe that this achievement is yet another valuable and important step for the Translation studies as such. Congratulations, Jakub.

Jakub Absolon in Rádio Modus


Jakub Absolon appeared as a guest in Rádio Modus’s ENVIRO program where he advertised the www.GREENTRANSLATORS.org project which is about translations for ecological non-profit organizations and projects.

Meeting of representatives of the translation industry in Slovakia


We have attended the meeting of representatives of the translation industry in Slovakia. Specifically, the representatives of 5 agencies of 5 universities and representatives of ATCSK and SSPOL. We would like to thank the organizers and we are looking forward to further cooperation.

The Slovak Matchmaking Fair


We have attended „The Slovak Matchmaking Fair“ in Košice (in the photo – Katarína Absolonová).

European Master in Translation in Dublin


Jakub Absolon has attended the European Master in Translation meeting in Dublin. E. Perez, head of Department of Translation Studies of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra is in the photo with him.

Educational seminar organized by ASAP-translation.com, s.r.o and Department of Translation Studies of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra


An educational seminar organized by ASAP-translation.com, s.r.o and Department of Translation Studies of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra took place on Saturday, July 10th in university’s computer lab. Seminar was aimed at style guide and its usage in the process of translation of technical texts as well as specific situations in translation with the help of CAT tools such as Memsource and SDL Trados Studio and the usage of automatized quality assurance in those tools. The purpose of teamwork on translation projects, which was a separate topic, was also thoroughly discussed. This seminar is a real example of cooperation between academia and practice as we believe that it's fruitful for the both sides and in the end, it will contribute to the support of a professional approach in translatology.

TAUS Meeting


We attended the TAUS roundtable discussion in Vienna. It was truly an amazing and inspirational meeting of people who are trying to look further into the future of translatology. Hopefully we will successfully implement the new ideas into our daily work in favor of not only customers, but also translators and society.

Jakub Absolon’s contribution at MT@Work conference in Brussels


We have actively participated at MT@Work conference organized by European Commission. Jakub Absolon talked about teaching post-editing of Machine Translation (he represented the Department of Translation Studies of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra). You can find the lectures at this address: https://scic.ec.europa.eu/streaming/machine-translation

TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework course (DQF) certificate

Jakub Absolon, manager responsible for processes in ASAP-translation.com, translation company specialized in translation to/from CEE languages, has successfully completed TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework course.

We have moved to new offices

We have moved to new offices, which provides better working condition for our staff and pleasant place to meet our clients!

50 000 Translation Projects!!!

We have reached beautiful anniversary today. We have delivered 50 000 translation projects for our clients!

And this is how the project no. 50 000 looked in our database (no. 15 stands for the year 2015).

ASAP-translation.com Award

Watch the first ASAP-translation.com Award being presented for the best graduate thesis in translation.

ProTranslator's Day 2013

Second edition of this event for translators put together by ASAP-translation.com

ProTranslator's Day 2012

First ever ProTranslator's Day event for translators organised by ASAP-translation.com

ASAP-translation.com in Forbes!

ASAP-translation.com Manager Katarina Absolonová was featured in an article that appeared in the February 2011 issue of the Slovak edition of Forbes Magazine.


Portal http://www.protranslator.eu/ launched for translators and people working in the translation industry

Katarina ABSOLONOVA named Ambassador of Slovak Businesswomen for the Nitra region

Katarina Absolonova became Ambassador of Slovak Businesswomen as part of Supporting Female Entrepreneurs in Slovakia, a project organised under the auspices of the European Commission. Ambassadors promote female entrepreneurship and also motivate and inspire all women who are thinking about starting their own businesses, would like to become independent and self-sufficient or who are rethinking their current career choices.

ASAP-translation.com appears in eTrend!


Jakub Absolon, CEO of ASAP-translation.com, s.r.o., commented on EU standards for translation services in “Quality will Test the Translation Business”

Association of Translation Companies of Slovakia established

ASAP-translation.com, s.r.o. initiated the establishment of a professional association and became one of the founding companies in the Association of Translation Companies of Slovakia – ATCSK. It unites all translation, interpreting, localisation and other language services providers. Since 2007 ATCSK has been a member of the Brussels-based European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUTAC), an organisation that brings together all national translation companies associations.


Winners of the 7th Annual Outstanding Businesswoman of Slovakia, organised by the National Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and Top Centre of Women Entrepreneurs, were publicly announced at the SAS Carlton Hotel in Bratislava on November 9, 2006. Second place in the Start-up Businesswoman category was awarded to Mgr. Katarina ABSOLONOVA, Managing Director of ASAP-translation.com, s.r.o.